The Basics of  Butterfly Dampers

Versatile, Cost-Effective


Did you know that Kelair's Butterfly dampers are applicable for open-closed service and flow control balancing? Learn more.

Anatomy of a  Butterfly Damper

Butterfly dampers consist of a round blade, seals, packing, a bearing, an actuator, and a shaft. The shaft plays a large part in a Butterfly damper's operation, as it intersects the linkage, bearing, packing, and blade.


How do Butterfly  Dampers Work?

Butterfly dampers use a round blade that moves upwards and downwards, opening and closing to start or stop airflow as needed. 


Industries That Use Butterfly Dampers: Explored

Wastewater Treatments

Butterfly dampers can withstand extreme pressures, acidic applications, and very high temperatures (up to 1800°F).  This makes them great for use in corrosive environments and abrasive air streams such as wastewater treatment.