What Are Dampers?

Cece Matot

What is a Damper?

What are Dampers?

A damper is a valve or plate that stops, controls and/or regulates (modulates, diverts and isolates) the flow of air or gas in ducts, chimney’s or other systems or equipment.

What is a Damper?Dampers are considered vital safety mechanisms within a variety of industrial sectors including oil and gas refineries, steel production facilities, waste incineration, and mining, among many others.

Most industrial dampers can be operated manually or automatically (through electric or pneumatic motors) but many can also be controlled – and the degree of air flow calibrated or adjusted – by a solenoid (a type of electromagnet) according to signals from the thermostat or other regulator going to the actuator of the damper in order to modulate the flow of air or gas.

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