Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum information I need to get a quote on a damper?

For the most accurate quote please provide the following information:

  • Type or style of damper. For example: butterfly, louver, Tee, diverter, etc.
  • Preferred material, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, other
  • Pressure requirement
  • Temperature the damper will be exposed to
  • Air flow amount
  • Manual, pneumatic or electric actuation/positioner required
  • Amount of shut off needed ( usually in %)
What is the warranty on a Kelair Damper?

Standard warranty on a Kelair damper covers replacement of defective equipment, excluding labor, for 1 year from installation or 18 months from ship date from Kelair, whichever comes first.

What are the benefits of a butterfly damper?

Compact design, most economical, no exterior linkage, higher shutoff rates and butterfly dampers remain consistent along temperature swings.

What are the benefits of a louver damper?

Compact interior vane design (open vanes do not extend into adjoining duct as much as butterfly dampers).  Best suited for modulation flow control with opposed vanes.

Does Kelair manufacture galvanized or aluminum dampers?

These types of materials are more commonly used in HVAC applications.  Kelair manufactures stainless steel and carbon steel industrial dampers.

Does Kelair manufacture zero leak dampers?

The maximum shutoff we provide is 99% at 5" WC.  Contact us to determine if you must have 100% shut off.

Can we supply our own Actuator?

Yes, Kelair can supply an operator mount and coupling for customer supplied actuator.

What are your standard lead times?

Standard lead times are 4-5 weeks after approved prints.

3-4 weeks with expediting

2-3 weeks without actuators

Is expediting an option?

Yes, with actuators 3-4 weeks

Without actuators 2-3 weeks

Can you custom design a damper for me?

Yes, please email us at: or phone us: 800.369.1070

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