Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are most used to stop or regulate the flow of gas and liquids in pipelines. These feature a disc inside that is turned either by a hand wheel or actuator on the outside of the body. As one of the top butterfly valve suppliers, Kelair Dampers has a wide selection of components to fit just about any application in your facilities.

Common Applications for Industrial Butterfly Valves

There are a number of different industries that depend on butterfly valves to help control process flows throughout their operations. Butterfly check valves can be found in water and wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas pipelines, power generation facilities, and many other industrial processes.

What Makes Butterfly Control Valves a Good Choice

The relative simplicity of their design is one of the key reasons why so many operations use wafer butterfly valves in their infrastructure. They require less maintenance than other types of valves and are much more cost effective than more-complex designs. They also feature compact dimensions that make them easier and faster to install. This offers greater flexibility in terms of pipeline designs because they can be utilized in almost any configuration, including underground.

The fact that gear-operated butterfly valves or actuated butterfly valves require only a 90-degree turn to open or close them completely also make them an efficient solution. Operators can count on butterfly valves to provide exceptional efficiency in a wide range of use cases where flows need to be controlled or halted as quickly as possible.

Why Work With Kelair Dampers?

Our more than 130 years of manufacturing experience makes us the best choice for high-performance butterfly valves to enhance your operations. We can be your single-source butterfly valve supplier, giving you exceptional responsiveness and delivery that’s tuned to your demands. You can be sure we’ll always be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have so you can get the most out of your systems. To learn more about what we have to offer, reach out to speak with us today.